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October 21 & 22, 2017: 

This is the 18th year of the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey.  The idea for this wonderful event began with just two people who were part of the New Jersey Lighthouse Society and a love of lighthouses and history.  After 10 years of running this event it was no longer feasible for the Society to continue.  All of the lighthouses banned together and formed a committee.  They were determined to keep this event going.  We meet once a month to plan, organize and market this event so that we can continue to raise funds and showcase these sentinels in October.  Monies raised during this event help the Lighthouses in so many different ways such as paying salaries, utilities, insurance, maintenance, restoration projects, marketing, matching grants, historical research etc.  Each site is owned, run and managed differently but all of them need help.  This is the only time during the year that all of the Lighthouses of New Jersey agree to be open at the same time.  Many of these lighthouses are unable to open frequently throughout the year. 

The Lighthouse Challenge is also a great way to explore our State and visit all of our wonderful lighthouses in addition to two Life Saving Stations and a museum.  There is also a virtual tour available of the water lights.

These majestic beacons have played an important role in New Jersey's history, guarding mariners and protecting our coasts for three centuries.  Lighthouses serve as a reminder of American ingenuity while honoring the values of safety and heroism. 

Please join us on this wonderful weekend and help us raise awareness for future generations to come.


  1. Looking forward to it. My son are hoping to bike ride to all the ones on the coast and drive to the 3 on the river. Should be an exciting weekend.

  2. My husband and I are celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary today and have planned this event as our celebratory weekend. We'll be starting in Highlands and working our way down the shore, anticipating a stop in AC at TUN microbrewery and a stay over in the Wildwoods. Looking forward to the adventure. See y'all there.

  3. I hope I'm free this weekend; this event is always great fun on a motorcycle

  4. I want to say Thank You to all your volunteers. Everyone was so pleasant.
    My mom and I did this as a mother-daughter adventure and had a blast. Thanks again!

  5. We had so much FUN doing The Challenge! The weather was perfect, and the sky couldn't have been bluer for all those photographs!! The volunteers were amazing at ALL the stops . . . just wanting to accommodate, and share their passion for lighthouses and the Lifesaving Stations.

  6. My husband and I had a great weekend adventure! Thanks to all the Volunteers full of information and great stories! We had so much fun we're going to do it again next year!

  7. This was our 3rd challenge. My fiance and I got engaged at Sea Girt at the end of the 2016 Challenge! This is our annual trip and we love it! We celebrate our anniversary every year!
    We stay over in Beautiful Ocean city after a full day of traveling around on Saturday, enjoy our anniversary dinner out and continue the challenge on
    Sunday ending in Sea Girt

  8. I wish I had known of these trips before we went out on our own. I enjoy photographing lights up and down the eastern coast and we just finished a NJ lighthouse trip but missed out on the stamps and open lights.


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